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adidas Energy Boost
The special thing about the Energy Boost is that the shoe is simply optimal for both beginners and "running experts". In addition, the sneaker can be perfectly combined into everyday life due to its stylish design. Thus, it is the perfect sneaker for sports and leisure. So you really can not go wrong here. 

Clearly, you also have to highlight the Boost sole here, which makes the shoe what it really is. Also, the upper made of flexible mesh gives the foot the perfect support and the support that are essential for a perfect run. The fit, which acts similar to a sock can also avoid uncomfortable pressure points, which is a big plus for a good sports sneaker.

Material of the adidas Energy Boost

As mentioned earlier, this sneaker feels like you're wearing a sock, which just fits your foot perfectly. Also, the adidas Energy Boost uses stretch mesh, which includes an integrated TPU cage. The sole is designed to give you the perfect grip, both on dry and wet ground. Clearly, this is an absolute must for a sneaker where you want to perform well. The Boost midsole is extremely responsive, so the more you dig in, the more energy you get back from this sole as well. Another benefit that this sneaker brings is what is called the Fitcounter heel counter, which is designed to reduce pressure on your Achilles tendon. This is also really important, optimizing your run and protecting your feet. 

The sneaker also holds up very well, so adidas promises that the sneaker offers unchanged comfort over its complete lifetime and also keeps the performance constant. Also, the shoe is suitable for any season, whether winter, storm, rain or summer, with the adidas Energy Boost you are super prepared.

What's behind the technology?

There is of course one highlight that makes this shoe extremely special. And that is the Boost technology, which is used in the adidas Energy Boost. Sure, you can already hear it in the name. This technology is a certain damping technology, strongly pronounced in the Energy Boost, which brings an efficient energy return. This means that the shoe has a soft foam material that is ultra comfortable, you can enjoy your full performance and the feeling always remains the same. Namely, just comfortable. 

This is made possible by about 2,500 mini foam beads that are found in the sole of the adidas Energy Boost sneaker. These are made of E-TPU, a proprietary development by adidas and BASF. So, quite a lot that's in there in the sole, no wonder it's so comfortable.

Opinions from the Internet

Everyone who has had this shoe on their foot doesn't want to take it off, that's for sure. The sneaker is perfect for all running-intensive jobs like waitressing, delivering mail or other. Also, the shoe just looks casual in everyday life and you just always have a comfortable shoe that does not cause any problems. Last but not least, the Energy Boost is a perfect running shoe for everyone. Your feet don't sweat, you can perform perfectly, your foot is supported and the sneaker just fits like a glove.

Conclusion about the adidas Energy Boost

This sneaker finds appeal in any situation. It looks good, is comfortable, so everything you would expect from a shoe ;-) The Boost technology from adidas has been optimally used here and also the relief of the Achilles tendon is a big plus point, why you should choose exactly this sneaker. Here you can do nothing wrong, you just have to choose the right colorway that suits you.

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