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The latest creation takes a clear direction with its silhouette and is therefore strongly oriented towards the aesthetics of the already well-known adidas Prophere. The Kamanda also impresses with a real eye-catcher, which is expressed by the damn chunky outsole. The outsole literally goes over the top and extends into the upper of the shoe. The raised outsole and the corresponding pattern give the impression of a carnivore shell that protects the entire sneaker. To be honest, the name also kind of reminds us of a Pokémon 😉 .

Of course, only the best materials are used for the Kamanda, which is why the upper is made of chic nubuck leather. This is also adorned with golden branding, which has a very delicate effect and gives the chunky design a certain refinement. The Kamanda's highlighted heel piece should not be forgotten. This rounds off the entire silhouette perfectly and creates a beautiful accent on the back of the sneaker.

In our opinion, the parallels to the Prophere are very clear, but the adidas Kamanda still has a very unique look. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to all the exciting colourways that await us in 2018! To make sure you don't miss any of these releases, subscribe to our Grailify newsletter or download our free Grailify app directly! 

adidas Kamanda - the Sneaker in Close-Up

We compared the Kamanda to the Prophere earlier, but it still has its own nuances. It is still a very chunky shoe due to its hefty sole, but on the other hand it is much slimmer than its source of inspiration. As already mentioned, adidas uses golden branding on the side of the sneaker, but at first glance there is no sign of the typical three stripes. These are only slightly indicated by a coarse perforation and thus kept very subtle. We have already mentioned the special heel piece, which is highlighted separately. This style is now familiar from countless Ultra Boost models and is therefore nothing new. But it fits the adidas Kamanda like a glove! The very slim toebox is also equipped with a very inconspicuous stripe pattern, which is presumably meant to remind us of the typical brand logo.

If you listen to the description of the upper, it doesn't sound like a very flashy and chunky sneaker. On the contrary, the filigree gold elements might make you think that this is a very minimalist model. But the really chunky outsole forms a strong contrast to the image of the shoe just described. The material of the sole is limited to rubber, which makes the adidas Kamanda more of a lifestyle sneaker. The dark rubber sole is supposed to imitate the typical design of football shoes, but at the same time be very unique and futuristic. As already mentioned, the sole used cannot compete with an Ultra Boost, but it doesn't have to! Either way, the upper provides the wearer with a good level of comfort and support while running. We are aware that the significantly harder sole was not necessarily designed for sports, but this does not change anything about satisfactory cushioning and the sneaker certainly looks sexy.

adidas Kamanda - the Colourways Announced so far

As always, we would like to give you a sneak peek at the previous and upcoming colourways of the model. The adidas Kamanda will only enter the sneaker scene with two releases, but we can be sure that many more will follow!
  • The adidas Kamanda Collegiate Burgundy is set to release along with another release on April 28th, 2018, laying the foundation for the brand new sneaker. On this CW, the upper of the shoe is wrapped in a burgundy hue, while still retaining the gold branding. This colour combination looks really damn classy and definitely has style!
  • The adidas Kamanda Core Black is released on the same day as the Burgundy colourway and obviously convinces with its black upper. Again, the golden branding fits perfectly and provides a nice accent. The classic rubber sole offers a chic contrast to the rest of the colouring of the shoe and rounds off the look!
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