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Technical Details of the adidas NMD R2

Of course, no model of the brand can do without the unique Boost sole. It promises unique responsiveness and is therefore supposed to offer a very pleasant running experience. Through integrated capsules, any energy of the runner is absorbed and returned to him afterwards. This feature works on any surface and gives you the support you've always wanted. So nothing stands in the way of a smooth and comfortable experience.

Not forgetting the ever-popular Primeknit material. The knitted fibre brings countless benefits to the wearer, which should grant them an unforgettable wearing comfort. Primeknit makes your adidas NMD R2 significantly lighter, which of course makes for an even better wearing experience. When it comes to this new technology, you'll probably hear it compared to socks. And we can assure you that this is definitely a massive advantage. The material fits perfectly to your foot and gives you the feeling of a second skin on your body. Thanks to the additional inner reinforcement of the shoe, the corresponding stability is of course not neglected.

Another characteristic feature of the adidas NMD R2 is the welded elements that give the shoe such a futuristic look. We are talking about the preformed EVA element on the inside of the foot, which gives the shoe its typical NMD design. In combination with the corresponding midsole, the model becomes truly unique. Of course, the characteristic NMD pull loop in the heel area is also a must. All these little details and tricks help the adidas NMD R2 to create a recognition feature for the model.

The Idea Behind Each NMD

As with every model, the brand with the three stripes thought of something when designing their latest shoe. The adidas NMD R2 is meant to be as futuristic as possible, but at the same time with small details that remind us of some retro models. And we don't know about you, but they have definitely created a unique silhouette that has never been seen before. Connoisseurs among you will notice that the targeted allusions go back to models like the Boston Super or the Micropacer. It's important to remember that these shoes are from a different century. And adidas has nevertheless succeeded in paying tribute to these legends with the design of the R2. But the most important thing remains the completely new shape and silhouette that has revolutionised the footwear market and generated huge hype.

Hottest Releases of the adidas NMD R2 at a glance

Diligent readers will be familiar with this part of the article. We would like to present you the hottest versions of the R2 and maybe we can encourage you to buy a pair. If you don't want to miss any more releases, we recommend downloading our free Grailify app!
  • The adidas NMD R2 PK Triple Black was released in November 2017 and enchanted many fans with its design. Especially advocates of minimalist colourways should like the colourway of this realease. As the name already reveals, the shoe impresses with its deep black on all parts of the model. For all passionate lovers, however, the Triple Black is an absolute must-have anyway.
  • Those who are looking for the absolute opposite of a triple black are in good hands with the adidas NMD R2 PK Shock Pink. The model convinces with a bright pink Primeknit upper, which is complemented with black stripes. In addition, the very eye-catching NMD is completed with a black plug on the side of the shoe. However, the snow-white Boost sole and the bright gum outsole should not be forgotten. So if you are looking for a model that will make you stand out at all costs, then you should definitely opt for this colourway.
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