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Virgil Abloh Upgraded His Off-White Logo

Virgil Abloh Upgraded His Off-White Logo

Off-White has become such a huge brand, thanks to Virgil Abloh. Just about every manufacturer wants to work with him. One can no longer imagine streetwear culture without the Off-white. Even furniture stores like IKEA was able to work closely with Virgil Abloh. During that time, they released a carpet with a "KEEP OFF" shirt train. Collaborations with Air Jordan and Nike are still the biggest hit in history.

Now, it seems that Abloh is upgrading the identity of Off-White with a brand new logo. We're thinking it probably has something to do with the Norwegian sportswear company Helly Hansen. In 2018, Helly Hansen sued the fashion label Off-White. The Norwegian brand believed that Off-White stole some of their design techniques as well as their signature stripes and colours.

Now, Virgil Abloh's new logo is so unique that nobody will probably say anything about it anymore. On the logo, you can see the two words "Off" and "White" separated by a face and two hands stretched out into the air. Virgil already showed the updated identity for a brief instant on Instagram. On September 13th, the new logo was registered as a trademark.

Check out Off-White's new identity with their new logo! 

We will most likely see the new logo in the SS20 collection of Off-White. The upgrade is definitely something to be proud of. Don't miss the next Off-White collection featuring the new logo by getting the Grailify app. There, we will always keep you up to date.

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